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Walkin In Time

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Thanks For Visiting!

We are confident you will find all the information you need on our website. At the HJ Lang Foundation, our goal is to enhance the lives of people in the Music & Arts Community, provide opportunities for

less fortunate and gifted musicians and students, provide and to stand as a beacon of hope for the community with it’s 2 areas of focus :

Music & Arts Education

Coupled with each performance of the Church Street Jazz Series the HJ Lang Foundation will support the two areas of focus with support of young musicians, strategic partnerships and musical educational activities.

During the Church Street Jazz Series produced by Blue Pyramid Productions LLC in partnership with Seven Venues, the national performing artists for the series will arrive a day early for their performances and be available for musical master classes and workshops with area middle and high school student musicians.

As the foundation acquires additional resources the number of student musicians and school music programs the foundation aims to support will expand through out the region. A long range goal is to fund a field trip for a group of the region’s student musicians to the Juilliard or Berkeley Schools of Music.

Given the multiple benefits that musical presentations and music education provides to the community at large, the HJ Lang Foundation hopes through its programs achieve its mission to provide support for less fortunate and gifted musicians in the arts, create opportunities for the community to participate and to preserve and expand numerous music genres.

Promotion &

Presentation Of The Arts

The mission of The HJ Lang Foundation is to empower, educate, assist, challenge, inspire, provide and entertain, thereby enriching the cultural life in the Mid-Atlantic area and beyond.

The HJ Lang Foundation provides people of all ages the opportunity to participate in and attend quality presentations of the finest artists works available as well as provide educational workshops, training and education in music and the arts.

Supporting the growth, preservation and expansion of the music Music & Arts community around the world and finding ways to supply the tools our youth and brilliant individuals need to excel in their gifting is an important ingredient within our mission.

The HJ Lang Foundation is a 501c3 Non Profit Charitable Organization.

Look around our website. Your support is needed and greatly appreciated. If you would like to make a donation outside of our website, have any comments, inquiries or questions about the foundations work, please feel free to contact us at 757-788-6498 or via email at

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to

our website. There's much more to come!

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